Thursday, May 17, 2018


This tidbit of revelation was inspired by 
"Revelations of Divine Love" by Jillian of Norwich

Lets get this awesome perspective so that you know WHO YOU ARE! Forgive the redundancy so that I may bring clarity to this Rev. 

Jesus fell into hell with Adam to pull Adam out of hell so Adam was raised up out of hell because Jesus fell into hell to rescue Adam and brought him up into God. You were in Adam and Jesus was in Adam. God is love so He loved him and rescued Him and rescued Him to love Him (action), and in turn He loved Christ because He rescued him. 

Adam & us were in Christ as Christ is in Adam & us. There is the union of those who step into union with Christ through faith IN Him. The person of Christ. Relationship goes deeper when there is no longer two-but one-union into oneness. The binding union of a marriage. From the marriage contract through the cross. The blood covenant.

Adam is mankind and mankind is Adam when raised with and into Christ who rescues him/us we are then regenerated into the fullness of Christ - fully rescued/ transformed into His likeness in His name. ( As you may have noted, people who have been married a long time start to look like each other and pick up each others habits etc.) So We are IN Christ and as He is so are we in this world. I see a picture of the Father pulling Christ up from the grave who is a picture of Adam.  Another way to view this is to see Christ pulling us out of the grave in order to become in oneness with us. However his blood washes the darkness out of us, and transforms us into His fullness. 

As you note this- read the following scripture which is a picture of the purifying of the land of those who take the mark before and during the thousand year reign. 

(As it says in Revelations 226 To the one who is victorious and does my will to the end, I will give authority over the nations 27 that one ‘will rule them with an iron scepter and will dash them to pieces like pottery’[b]—just as I have received authority from my Father.28 I will also give that one the morning star. 29 Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches. You are seated with Christ in heavenly places - as He is so are we in this world.

The Lord said to my Lord, “Sit at My right hand, Till I make Your enemies Your footstool.” The Lord shall send the rod of Your strength out of Zion. Rule in the midst of Your enemies! Your people shall be volunteers In the day of Your power; In the beauties of holiness, from the womb of the morning, You have the dew of Your youth. The Lord has sworn And will not relent, “You are a priest forever According to the order of Melchizedek.” The Lord is at Your right hand; He shall execute kings in the day of His wrath. He shall judge among the nations, He shall fill the places with dead bodies, He shall execute the heads of many countries. He shall drink of the brook by the wayside; Therefore He shall lift up the head. Psalm 110:1-7 

Saturday, January 7, 2017



Not only did Jesus heal thousands and thousands of people every day and every night, but any gifts anyone gave him, money, gold, gems, jewels, food, and so on, which people gave him quite frequently, He would turn and give them to the poor and the needy. He even paid off many people’s debts to get them out of physical prison. He wanted to relieve their financial suffering as well as the physical needs of desperation. He was once again, showing His love and care for people and their needs. He wanted to provide for them in many ways and by doing so, He was testifying of the goodness of himself and the Father. It was His pure love and compassion on display. Yet He was secret and humble about this to the point that the gospels only show a small fraction of what He did. When we give, we give in The Name of Jesus – as if JESUS the one who is giving it through us. By giving we are blessing The Lord and showing others what Jesus is like, presenting Him as He truly is..someone who cares.  His love and His kindness and compassion to them becomes evident. This may be enough to bring them a revelation of His love and His goodness, dispelling all darkness of previous thoughts of Him. Displacing any lies they had about Jesus with truth, or no thoughts at all toward Him. Presenting Him before them as evidence of His love. This action of love, many times, is what would cause people to truly want to surrender their lives to Him. So when you give and/or pray for others healing, remember you are spreading the truth of the kingdom of God. Jesus said, the kingdom of God is AT HAND. Here it is, it is a way of life, it is a way of love. They could accept or reject His love. For the humble and broken, it is a refreshing river in the desert or a very warm breeze on a very cool night – it is a cloak of gladness for the hurting, and it is food to the starving. Those hungry for love and to know "Jesus the person" who IS LOVE would be standing before them in you the giver. Then Jesus would shine inside of their hearts and take up residence in them. That is what a good king does, adds more real-estate to his kingdom. Help Jesus conquer inner lands and property from the enemy through your giving and relieve the suffering of others. Maybe consider this idea more frequently than giving to a wealthy church or ministry. Instead look for hearts and souls that will give Him themselves if only they be once touched by His love of compassion in this way. Maybe money or prayer for healing isn't the need, but for someone to be a friend. There are many lonely people out there. Jesus touched lives in so many ways. Lets be His hands and His feet. The word says to stir one another up in love. So my prayer is that you have now been stirred up in love. His love for others be birthed in you today. 

Shalom & Blessing. 

Monday, August 22, 2016



The Lord said to me: Bootleggers will be destroyed under my feet.
  • Lord what is a bootlegger? – He said ( besides the usual meaning of one) They are those who take information from my elect and use it for their own benefit, but do not actually walk it out themselves. I will not destroy them, in my desire for repentance from them, but their behavior will be severely judged. They will know, that they know, they are being judged by the Father’s hand of discipline. They will grow in greater understanding as a result and I will sustain them to know it. I love them, but they are using my words to others for their own benefit so they become known, acknowledged to become like one who actually paid the price to get to where they are now. They are deceitful talkers and unknown men of those who they are student of, but have not yet grown in the counsel of the Lord for themselves but are merely repeating things heard by their teachers. Fear the Lord- o you people. Make a straight path for Him – He is worthy of it. They will lose sight of the plans I have which I have spoken to you below. Know the voice of your Heavenly Father. He knows your heart. Understand HIS. He will sustain those who love Him. This is an important message. God will bring more people around you who understand His message and will give it clearly. If you do not heed it , you too will become susceptible to consequence. Especially when taken from these who I speak to you about here below.

  • -      Editors note: the Lord made it clear regarding the bootlegging that this is not those whom He has begin a good work in you, and you are seeking Him. This is matter of the heart, for attention and personal gain.

The Father said - The WW2 Nazi’s wanted a superior race. They bent the cross and perverted it. I give the true cross - My son Jesus. His blood is their hope.

The Lord said, that those who repent, and get their genetics cleaned up through repentance will be that superior race. The Father said this as I sat on his lap. He went on to explain….He told me to write this all down.  Those who do so, will be of higher intelligence and will know more than any other in the history of the world or creation – even before Adam and Eve fell, they will be more intelligent than those who did not repent and will be like Adam’s children of those who do repent. (bloodline cleansing) But those who do not repent will be like those who are like the lower of those who do. God will sustain those who do and those who do not. But you will see a marked difference in those who do. God will cause them to create like those who were before Adams fall- even more so. He will bring them full circle to the beginning, time traveling as well as ascending into the garden in Eden and also many other places. Never again will they thirst or hunger.

They must be humble and know that the Lord is still their king and beauty within their gates and walls will be like none other. God has spoken this to me directly while on my bed, in 2016 Aug, 22.

They will know the mystery and secrets of creation. And be able to re-create and remove bad DNA and also become more advanced in society of this earth. They will become superior in two ways – one, to become easily able to adapt to the life here, and be able to go places faster in the spirit and recreate matter using their technology of word, sound voice and knowledge. This will be like the desires of your heart will become one with His desires. And they will be able to know the thoughts of the Father, much more than those who do not cleanse their gateways and DNA.They will be able to know the thoughts of the Father in creation and move easily in and out of the gateways of space and in heaven. They will open doors through knowledge and co-creation of God.

They will be virgin pure and whole.
God will give them tools to create using frequency sound and vibration and knowledge with God’s will instilled into their DNA and their hearts will bring that knowledge to the forefront of the kingdom age. They will hear Gods voice crystal clear and be able to co-create with Him, as their voices will be His voice. They will be able to make things disappear and reappear, for the kingdom sake. They will hide things and know where they are hidden in the ripples of eternity – past present and future. A sacred place of Gods domain. Humility is part of this learned course with the Lords elect. They must be humble, meek and teachable – that comes through repentance. Only those who know my voice clearly, the Lord informed me would know these things and walk in them. He seeks those who are willing to obey, and hear, and listen to Him. They treat that which is sacred with intense posture of His glory regarding what is a treasure to them and what is to be set aside.

Meaning, they will need to hear so well, that they listen obey and walk in fruitfulness whatever they do. Wherever they go. They carry the sound of the Lord in them, so they are so one with Him and entangled with Him that they will not hear any other voice. He is their voice and they are His voice. You will know this by their material actions to the universe. They will call things into existence; although they are already created they will know where to obtain them. They will also hear the voice of their Father so clearly that the Father will hear them likewise. Their hearts beat as one with His. There is nothing impossible with the Father, and He has already foreordained what He will bring to pass- the Father’s good pleasure on purpose and at the right time.

Glory to God.
Rivers will flow in the dry places, and food will be where they are. They will be His sacred few and those whom walk in their pathways as ones whom the Lord has foreshadowed and chosen. Others will be wise to hear them and see them and know them. Who are they? Where will they arrive to? How will you recognize them? You are already knowing them in some cases, they are in your midst. In some cases, you will know by the spirit of the Lord on them. Do not fear if you are not knowing them yet, you will know them if the Father wills that you are able to know them. Since His timing is perfect, wait and seek His face and know His voice, for if you are not one you will know one. Why are they select and few? Because they paid the price for it. They laid down their lives and have not picked it up again, but rather gave it fully to the Great I Am and to the Fathers son Jesus and they are ones who are walking in my ways and will and they had gone through tremendous counsel and support through the cloud of witnesses and the angelic counsel as well as the Holy Spirit is ever before them. They are in counsel with the Lord one on one and indirectly through these other avenues. They are also in direct counsel with the Lord in these areas with whom He has already foreordained. They will sustain the world by their love and joy and waters of living elements will come forth from them as ones smitten and tested by God, refined in the Fire, and growing in greater development as we speak.They are going to know their Father like the back of their hands and be able to move in sync with Him daily.

They hear, know and gravitate toward His voice and all others they lay aside.
They love Him unconditionally and will bring up the dead as if it were nothing.
They will multiply food in the stores where there are shortages.
They will handle wealth of the economy in their own hands. They will grow vegetables and fruit in vineyards in the direct places that are hidden from the naked eye. They will begin to know what they are to do with the things they are going to use for the Lords sake. They will multiply water or bring it up from the earth with the staff in their hands, the water sources will run dry but they will have plenty. They will have plenty to eat and drink and know how to get more. They will be able to clothe the people. They will teach the people.

God is going to use wealth in their hand that comes directly from heaven itself. They will give others what they need, what they want, and hope for. As God will prove himself with great signs and wonders around them they will be visited by the people who need to know them. But more importantly, they will be HEARD and listened to. They will preach the gospel like no other. They will time travel and portal jump into new locations to give food and drink and shelter clothing and also the desires of their hearts to the people who need and long for them. Why? They are getting those ready for the great IAM’s sons kingdom and His treasure will ever be before them.

They will know the Father like none other. They will get them young and old alike ready for the Fathers sons wedding day. His banquet.  They will come up higher in the courts of heaven – they will be able to master electrical currents and know how to harness energy for the elect.  They will peer through the portals into heaven to see things no one else has done before. They will see things they never saw before. They will do things that no one else has done before. They will describe them with great intellect and intensity and precision. They will grow in greater glory and internationally known by the spirit. The Spirit of God is on them. They are hosting His presence and they are going to grow in greater understanding as they go forth. After these are manifesting on the earth, they will begin to see changes around them, the people will be able to hear and see and sense them in their midst if they are not willing to be known they are there. They would be sent by God so they are legally in right standing with them- the elect. But God will hide them on occasion so that they are able to do work under a secret coverlet. The Father will bring them into the hidden courts of heaven that even others have not known existed before.

Hear me the Lord says, I have chosen my elect – I have already set my seal on them.
I have already brought them under my wings of glory and I have already made them known to some. However, says the Lord, if you do not get ready for what is coming, you will be left behind in the dust and decay of society with what is coming and not know what is going to take place soon. Shortly things will manifest in the natural that will not be easy to bear, not easy to hear with your ears what has occurred. You will find yourself somewhat afraid. However, know I am giving warning signs to my elect by showing these things manifesting on the earth this way. Those who are ready to know the truth and are ready to seek me and find me will come under my reign and under my wing. You will find the wealth of peace and joy in the midst of this. Do not discount anything I am saying to you. Do not take anything lightly. Refrain from judging in its entirety until all things are revealed. Yes, even those things that you do not understand…yet.

Those who refuse to listen and do not repent and come clean before me, and are not willing to submit to my leading of cleansing their DNA and repentance, will know those who do not hear my voice either. They will become like dumb sheep that cannot speak, they will see but not with the eyes of the spirit, they will hear but not with the ears of the Spirit. They will go here, and there and not know what to do. They will be like a prodigal son who has strayed away.

Do not stray away. Come under my wings and gain my protection. Hear with your ears of the spirit, let Him whisper sweetly into your ears. Let him delight in your heart.  Yes, you have a choice. Just as those before had a choice, when Jesus walked the earth. Do not be like those who are dumb and cannot speak life, nor those who cannot see clearly what is in their midst, nor be like those who can not know anything about life and growth and fortitude regarding the kingdom of Heaven, and of God our savior. They will be like those who look for water reserves and find none. Those who will not heed the voice of the Lord in this season will be like those who are in the seas of life wandering without a raft, without a boat, alone and isolated. I speak this warning, says the Lord out of Love. I love you, so COME. COME to my ever waters of life with out end, freely flowing, and those who come to me, will I no wise cast away. BUT OBEY and LISTEN to me my children, my loved ones.

I give you a parable. There was once a young man who sat by the sea and in his heart, was a desert dry and cracked. He said to himself, I am dry and I have need of water, and to hear the voice of the Most High. The Most High said to this man, behold, I give you endless rivers to drink and before you an ocean of my unending favor and kindness and mercy. But the man said in His heart but I know not what to do, and His creator said, look, it is before you. However the man deeply obliged to the Fathers good word, had decided to remove himself from the voice of His Father and bring upon himself a new way in his own mind. He decided to bury the thoughts given to Him by his maker and so he began to dig with a shovel his own well.

Doing so, he kept digging and digging and found none. By this time, he became faint of heart and decided to toss the shovel aside and there he lay down and died by the rivers and waters before him. He was rebellions in his heart because he thought to himself, I want to do it my way, and not this way in which you speak – the death is the death of soul and spirit. Do you want to live in life ever lasting, never to thirst again?

Here then is another parable.
There was a man who wanted to soak in the presence of the Lord. SO he set out to do so. Then a huge wave of the Lords good nature came before Him and over took Him. Those who are after me will find me and then those who are in the right places will be over taken by me, yes, even in abundance.

This is sacred ground, those who have planted well the seed of faith in others, those who have sown will also reap. Get ready my people my beloved. I am here now and waiting. I am watching your response and I am taking notice of your hearts. I love you – those who hear my voice will get ready and love those whom I have placed you with willingly and knowingly that I am yours and you are mine.

Father thank you for this word – I am asking you Father that you would get the people ready you had placed in my charge and those whom are already settled in the places that you had put them – that they too would get ready. In Jesus name amen. From the hand of His servant from the mouth of the King. So be it Lord. Amen.

8. 22. 2016
P. A. MinGucci – SarahBoni
Yod, Hey, Vav, Hey
Yod, Hey, Shin, Vav, Hey.
The Rev

Thursday, March 3, 2016

What is the jealousy of God?

The Jealousy of God means the Lord is jealous after your heart.
What you uphold, lift up, honor and worship above Him in relationship.
Many things can draw our hearts away, and that is where cultivation comes in.
Time with Him, seeking Him. We must fight for that time with Him and out of that will come breakthrough, if we do not give up.

Webster's definition of Jealousy is " an unhappy or angry feeling caused by the belief that someone you love (such as your husband or wife) likes or is liked by someone else"

On the flip side we can also be jealous of a relationship with him, where we are pushing and pressing in to a deeper walk and we become tenacious for that closeness. Like anything, you have to want it bad enough. One way that you become lukewarm and compromising and lose that is when you love the world and or you become a player in it.

Once I had an encounter with the Father, and He was smiling and spending time with me, and then said “ o you’ve been playing in the dirt’ I realized what he meant was some of the movies I was watching. I know that when you want to walk close to God it means lopping off the dead weight that pulls you down. Its not a cost but a choice because you can’t bring the junk into heaven. He sees all you do. So releasing the world is not a problem because there is nothing like Him and the trade is above and beyond worth it.

(I always recommend cleansing the DNA along with that, to get out the frequency of the sin in your DNA through repentance. That can do nothing but good.)

In my encounter with Enoch, I saw how He made up his mind to first wait on the Lord. Now think about that as point A, and point Z is “ And Enoch was no more because God took him”. Genesis 5:24 Enoch walked faithfully with God; then he was no more, because God took him away.

God owns everything but doesn’t just hand it all over. Instead we need time to build on a relationship and get to know Him. Like a person to person relationship, trust must be earned and demonstrated. Love must be cultivated. When we say yes, we say yes to that process. He isn’t going to do things because we demand it or that we are pregnant with promise. He does it because we are in relationship and it depends where we are in that relationship. That is a process. And because he sees our heart and it is ready to have more revealing of Him and Who He is just like any person to person relationship does. Sin can hold you back so keep repentance alive in your life always. 

I was taken to heaven a few times and saw the heart of the Father. With a tear in his eye, and a deep desire in His heart, I saw how He longs for His people to come to heaven to see and know. He longs for people to come to visit Him. We pray, and sing for God to come down, but we need to come up. That is why we do ascending's as a group. This can help cut a pathway and as you persevere He adds to that experience and many are then able to also ascend on their own. 

I bless you with the jealousy of God in your life. There is no relationship on earth that can compare to it, but if you have Him as central focus - out of overflow - your other relationships will come into alignment.